The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is one of the latest participants in the Workplace Wellness programme organised by Pharma Wellness and the NUPW Insurance Agent Inc.

As part of the programme, staff was given a number of baseline health checks earlier this year, including cholesterol, hypertension, and glucose.

On Tuesday, September 8, during a half-day session at the Ministry, they will receive the results of those tests, as well as information on how to live healthier lives in the future, from Health and Wellness Consultant, Lennox Prescod.

During the session, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joy St. John, will place the Ministry???s Wellness Programme within the context of the recent Health of the Nation Survey, and Chairman of the Diabetes Foundation, Dr. Oscar Jordan, will speak on a number of health issues.

The Workplace Wellness programme encourages members to better understand their health status and take responsibility for the management of their health. It is also designed to help them prevent or control chronic non-communicable diseases.

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