Pupils??of the Wesley Hall Infants School’s showing off a container of plastic bottles for recycling to (from left)??Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe; Permanent Secretary, Mr. Lionel Weekes; and Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Patrick Todd. (Image: C. Pitt)

Wesley Hall Infants School’s environmental programme has been hailed as a "model" which should be emulated across the island’s schools.

This commendation has come from Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, following the recent launch of ???The Minister of Environment Environmental Partnership Programme’, which saw the school’s five-year-old environmental club receiving a $500 boost to further its projects. The initiative is aimed at giving financial assistance to schools with strong environmental programmes, especially clubs.

In addressing the launch, Minister Lowe saluted the city school for the excellent work being done by its environmental club.

"This type of initiative is vital for the promotion of environmental awareness and education, while at the same time providing another forum for teaching the youth about the importance of environmental health and wellness," he said.

Noting that the school was selected to launch the programme because of its outstanding work to date, Minister Lowe underscored: "I am heartened by the???? response of many people, especially our children, to the idea and concept of environmental conservation and management, and these are important to our country’s pursuit of sustainable development.

"I am sure that as you all grow up in Barbados you would want to be assured?? that Barbados is a place where it is healthy to live, that is attractive and that we can be proud of, ??as citizens from across the world visit us from time to time."

The Environment Minister told students that in order to be able to have environmentally friendly surroundings, certain habits needed to be practiced.

"One of the things that the Government is concerned about is illegal dumping and littering and I am quite sure that your environmental club is on top of things relative to making sure that you do not litter, and…to making sure that you encourage your parents that they should not litter and should not practice illegal dumping," the Minister urged.

Dr. Lowe stressed the need for students to understand that it was part of their responsibility as young citizens to ensure that the environment was always clean. "We are asking you to work with your environmental club and make sure that those very important habits are practiced from day to day, whether you are at school, whether you are at home or whether you are at play," he advised.

In addressing the launch, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd, reminded the young students that they were the future leaders of society who would take the country forward.

"So it is very important that you young ones develop best practices …in terms of your way of life, such that you do not engage in practices which are harmful to this very delicate ecosystem in which we survive – our environment. So we support the call of the Ministry of the Environment for Barbadians to desist from littering and illegal dumping," he implored.

Minister Lowe also presented the school with a framed picture entitled: "Migratory Birds of Wetlands and Shores" which featured the seven birds most often seen in Barbados between September and April. It was presented on behalf of the Natural Heritage Department.

Dr. Lowe also took the opportunity to see first-hand some of the club’s ongoing projects including herb and tyre gardens and a recycling project.


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