The musical talents of the students of the West Terrace Primary School were on display last Friday as they took to the stage during the school’s annual Music Festival.

Parents, teachers and students enjoyed a range of musical selections, including singing, and the playing of various musical instruments such as the recorder, violin, guitar and piano.

According to Music Teacher, Colbert Belgrave, "the aim of the festival is to teach children the value of music, while giving them the opportunity to showcase their various talents."

Mr. Belgrave said students were extremely keen to participate in the festival, which he explained took the form of a competition.

"The children were quite eager and enthusiastic. We are also hoping to form our school orchestra soon, so that is another area they are looking forward to," he pointed out.

Mr. Belgrave added that the event, now in its third year, would culminate with the finals on June 20 at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene, Oxnards, St. James.?? He said that he was looking forward to the development of the school’s music programme.

"I would love to see the programme develop to a higher level…getting the school orchestra off the ground and helping students to fully appreciate good music," Mr. Belgrave underscored.

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