Prime Minister Freundel Stuart has told members of the women???s West Indies Cricket team that they will go down in history as ???restoring??? the spirit of the people of the Caribbean.

Mr. Stuart made the comments to the young Barbadians last evening, as he chatted with them during the Repeat Visitors Reception at Ilaro Court.

The West Indies women and men???s teams won their World T20 championship matches in India on Sunday.

The Prime Minister told the young women that they were not just cricketers, but guardians of the aspirations and dreams of the people of the Caribbean.

???When you do well, the people in the Caribbean rejoice and feel good and when you don???t do well, the people in the Caribbean sorrow,??? he stated.

Stressing that historically cricket has always been central to the people of this region, Mr. Stuart continued: ???Cricket success helps people to see and believe that success in any other area of life is possible.

???You have raised expectations very high now, so we will not be content with any one-off triumph. You must remain on that trajectory for a while. You are not perfect, and things will go wrong, but it is going to be very important that you give it your best shot.???

The Prime Minister assured the young women that they could count on the support of the Government and people of Barbados, as well as the people of the region.

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