One of the Caribbean???s leading biscuit manufacturers has been heralded for its contribution to Barbados and for its continued thrust to secure new markets.

Minister of Industry, Donville Inniss, speaking at a ceremony today to celebrate the West India Biscuit Company???s (WIBISCO) 103rd anniversary, praised the company for the ???outstanding contribution it has made to this economy and society???.

He added that the company had ???stood the test of time??? as many companies had come, ???floundered and gone by the wayside???.

The Minister said WIBISCO???s recent participation in the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation???s commercial mission to Brazil to explore new opportunities, was something that he wanted more Barbadian businesses to undertake. WIBISCO is also seeking to export to Latin America and Germany.

The Minister said Barbados had not only benefited tremendously by its presence here, in terms of job creation, and the bringing of new technologies, but from its export of products to 24 countries.

He noted that while he would be the first to admit that these are challenging times, he would also be the first to point out that there are many good things happening in this society, and WIBISCO was ???a classic example of the good Barbados has, and continues to have???.

??????The truth of the matter is that you have had a distinct product that has served this country and many families well over the years???It just goes to show the extent of which WIBISCO products have been so much a part of our environment here in Barbados???Wherever you go in the world and you find Barbadians, you can guarantee that they will have some biscuits around,??? Mr. Inniss said.

The Industry Minister also told staff that they should be commended for being part of an ???outstanding entity,??? and thanked Bermudez, and other investors, local and foreign, for staying the course and having faith in Barbados??? economy.

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