As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Winston Scott Polyclinic, its environmental health officers will be conducting a survey in some St. Michael districts to ascertain the residents’ garbage disposal habits.

From tomorrow, Wednesday, June 8, to Tuesday, June 14, the officers will traverse the St. Michael districts of Gill’s Road, Lower Gill’s Road, Flint Hall, Bonnetts Housing Area and Gullyfield Avenue.?? They will also be conducting interviews in Dunlow Lane, Wellington Street, Oxley Street and Lascelles Terrace.

The objectives of the survey are to determine the residents’ knowledge about vector control and the types of vectors in their district, proper refuse disposal practices and to offer suggestions on ways to improve refuse disposal methods. At the end of the exercise, garbage cans will be distributed in the catchment areas from Friday, June 17.

The environmental health department of the polyclinic has urged the public to cooperate during the survey.????????????????????

Meanwhile, the Polyclinic will also be holding two environmental Expos as part of its celebratory activities. The first will be held on Wednesday, June 22, in Golden Rock, the Pine, St. Michael (near the Children’s home).?? Representatives from B’s Bottling Recycling will be on hand to receive pet bottles, boxes, cartons and other recyclable articles.

The Winston Scott Polyclinic at Jemmotts Lane, St.Michael, will be the venue for the second expo which will take place on Thursday, June 30.


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