Several senior citizens were the toast of the Winston Scott Polyclinic today, as they were treated to lunch and entertained by the Royal Barbados Police Force Band, as part of the Jemmotts Lane, St. Michael, institution’s customer appreciation day.

The elderly folk, who were drawn from the polyclinic’s catchment area, were also given advice on how to care for themselves by Chief Public Health Nurse, Claudette Casey.??
"There are several conditions that were once thought to be a part of normal aging that have now [been] shown to be due to…behaviour.?? For example, chronic non-communicable diseases [like] diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and arthritis.?? These are all lifestyle related and are associated with your dietary health practices.

"Similarly, cataract formation in the eye largely depends on the amount of exposure to direct sunlight…. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself, your teeth, ensure that you get your feet examined regularly, make time for regular exercise, drink adequate amounts of water, go to the sea, walk, read, and most importantly, include fruits and vegetables in your diet.?? Think positively," she advised.

The Senior Health Sister also urged family and friends of elderly persons to be tolerant of the challenges that come with caring for them.?? "For instance," she said "gran might be getting slower, and she may be a little irritable,’ but you have to be understanding," adding that close contact with relatives was important for older persons’ emotional wellbeing.

Sister Casey further reminded seniors of the preventative services offered by the polyclinic, which were specifically tailored for them. These include nutrition counselling; regular screening for blood pressure, blood tests, and pap smears, as well as home visits and diabetic clinics.

There was also a presentation of a nebulizer from the Lions Club of Barbados, Christ Church West, to the polyclinic as part of the appreciation day’s activities.??


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