Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd??

Government’s School Meals Department has been praised for its contribution to feeding the nation’s primary school children.??

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, Patrick Todd, gave accolades to the department for its "sterling work" in providing balanced and nutritious meals "at a fraction of the cost of the meals."?? He was speaking last weekend at that institution’s Graduation and Awards Ceremony held at the Sanctuary Empowerment Centre, Country Road, St. Michael.

Commenting on its important role Mr. Todd said: "One only has to examine the menus which the department prepares on a monthly basis to understand the lengths to which the School Meals management goes, not only to meet the children’s daily nutritional needs, but also to satisfy their varied dietary requirements.

"While we cannot dispute the fact that the raison d’etre of the department is to provide meals for many of the nation’s school children, we must also recognise that the creativity and ingenuity of the School Meals Department are constantly put to the test in an effort to match the very best products with the most economical prices," he added.

Stating that those concerned should make the best of this opportunity which Government has provided to supplement the dietary intake of children, the Minister of State implored parents and their children not to "wantonly discard the meals which are provided.

"The department undertakes surveys to determine the needs and preferences of your children in the preparation of the menus which also take into consideration religious concerns.?? It is also required to conform to all of the requirements and standards of the Environmental Health Department in the preparation and delivery of the meals," Mr. Todd remarked.

The School Meals Department employs 587 people, and operates with an annual budget of BDS $10.5 million, most of which goes towards the provision of food items.??emcclean@barbados.gov.bb

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