The work of teachers will be highlighted as part of the mandate of the new Education Research Consortium (ERC).

This assurance was given by Director of the Higher Education Development Unit, Dr. Patrick Rowe, at the recent launch of the consortium at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre.

Noting that teachers were every day determining the best strategies to address issues with students, he said: ???Teachers are analysing the classroom environment and coming up with alternative ways of teaching and doing the same type of qualitative analysis every day.???

Dr. Rowe pointed out that he did not want the teaching fraternity at the primary and secondary level to believe that the ERC was simply about post-secondary institutions, and those with the title ???professor??? and ???associate professor??? before their names driving the process. He said it included everyone, and that one of the areas the consortium would seek to raise awareness about would be the actual ubiquitous nature of research.

He added that the ERC???s mandate also included providing moral support for projects that answer questions such as ???what is the status of our institutions and our students in Barbados today????; conducting research and exposing research findings; and ensuring collaborative relationships that would help Barbados to replicate studies and work with overseas institutions and person in the diaspora.

Of the latter, Dr. Rowe said that his organisation had received ???quite a good response??? from the diaspora, through Barbados??? embassies and consulate offices overseas.

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