Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman, examines an object under a microscope during a tour of Crown Packaging Barbados Limited. (A. Gaskin/BGIS)

Environmental health and safety in local business places is paramount, and one of this island’s local businesses has placed much emphasis on this factor.

Crown Packaging Barbados Limited, manufacturers of metal containers for a variety of products, is the third in 156 Crown plants to recently receive certification as a World Class Environmental Health and Safety Partner.???? The achievement followed the Company’s application to participate in the World Class Performance Environmental Health and Safety Programme which was introduced by parent company, Crown Holdings Inc., in 2008.??

During the certification ceremony, which took place at #8, Six Roads’ Industrial Estate on Wednesday, Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman, commended the company on its accomplishment, and for setting the standard for other companies.
"In any industrial enterprise, health and safety must be adopted as a paramount core value. In doing so, the particular company is demonstrating to the world that it is not only concerned with its bottom line, but also with the welfare of its workers," Minister Kellman pointed out.

Stating that the protection of employees’ health and well-being was a major commitment for employers, the Minister reasoned that: "It leads to the development of a positive organisational culture, builds employee loyalty and motivates employees to be productive". He, however, added that while workplace safety was ultimately management’s responsibility, "safe operating practices [were] a shared responsibility of both management and worker."

Further noting that good environmental health supports sustainable development, the Industry Minister stated: "Nowhere are we more conscious of this than in the manufacturing sector which remains critical to Barbados’ overall economic well-being as a generator of employment and an earner of foreign exchange."

General Manager of Crown Packaging Barbados, David Camacho, gave the assurance that the company’s standard would be maintained and sustained through education and training, pointing out that each employee currently underwent 60 hours of in-house environmental health and safety training each year.

He encouraged other companies within the manufacturing sector to focus on health and safety regulations, as it would benefit the organisation.

??"These disciplines gained from adopting the policies and procedures within the environmental health and safety umbrella have overflowed into other areas of the operation, reaping benefits in higher productivity and reduced spoilage. In moving forward and extending the gains we have made, we need to continue to look out for each other," the General Manager stressed.


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