Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley,??in conversation with General Manager of C.O. Williams, Peter Weekes, while the??other officials look on. (photo courtesy of Babes and Dads Photography)??

The National Sports Council will have discussions in the future with clubs that use the National Stadium to ensure there is an effective policy in place at the facility for its use.

That is the word from Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, who made the comments yesterday after observing excavation work being done to the long jump area by the contractor C.O. Williams.

Mr. Lashley continued: "For sure there will be a new policy put in place in relation to the use of the track, to ensure that there is no overuse … to cause it to deteriorate at a very rapid rate … where we end up with a situation where we are back to square one. The Sports Council is moving forward to improve other grounds so they can be utilised for that kind of heavy training, but to free up the track here for more specialised activity."

Work on the stadium started last week and the Minister said he was pleased with what had been done thus far, stating that it was at "a very advanced stage".

He reiterated that, barring any unforeseen occurrences, the work should be completed in early January. He stressed, however, that fields at Coleridge and Parry, Lester Vaughan, Harrison College, Christ Church Foundation and Friendship would be prepared shortly for use by athletes.

Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley,??addressing the media while Chairman of the National Sports Council, Seibert Straughan,??listens attentively. (photo courtesy of Babes and Dads Photography)??

Mr. Lashley added that he was hopeful Government could attract the necessary funding to turn the stadium into an ultra-modern facility. "We are currently looking at funding for the further improvement of the stadium, but we are moving forward based on the resources we have," he maintained.

The work on the stadium is expected to cost about $2.5 million and it will include re-laying of the track, drainage correction and repairs to the bathrooms and other facilities.


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