Participants at a health seminar (FP)

Professionals from the health and social care sectors will caucus for four days next week at an inter-sectoral consultation and workshop to develop strategies to streamline and implement a comprehensive system of mental health services.??

The objective is to finalise the Draft National Strategic Mental Health Plan (2013-2020) and pre and post-workshop consultations will be held on Tuesday, January 22??and Friday, January 25.?? The National Strategic Mental Health Plan Workshop will take place on Wednesday, January 23 and Thursday, January 24, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mental Health Coordinator at the Health Ministry, Heather Payne-Drakes, noted that Barbados had embarked on a programme to reform its mental health services and incremental steps had been taken to broaden the scope of services and to bring them in line with general health services in Barbados.?? Cabinet approved the National Mental Health Policy on June 14, 2004, to provide direction for the modernisation of mental health services.??

"The policy is posited on de-emphasising custodial care and developing and implementing strategies relating to access to care, rehabilitation, integration of persons with mental disorders into the community, and the promotion of good mental health," Ms. Drakes noted.??

Workshop participants will be involved in the process of identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with the existing mental health system in Barbados, areas of action, time frame for strategies, indicators and targets, major activities and a budget for the implementation of the plan.??


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