Over 30 teachers from primary schools across the island will increase their capacity to teach students techniques to become better readers.

This will come about next week, when a three-day reading seminar, entitled "Using Deep Comprehension Strategy Instruction to Create Great Readers and Lifelong Learners", is held at the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development.

The workshop, which is being organised by the Ministry in conjunction with the Granville T. Woods Elementary School in Brooklyn, New York, will be held from Tuesday, July 28, to Thursday, July 30. The aim is to allow teachers to reflect on their current instructional practices; become aware of reading strategies to build comprehension; and utilise reading strategies in their instructional practices.

It is expected that teachers will be able to articulate the comprehension strategies necessary to create great readers who are lifelong learners, and demonstrate the teaching of comprehension strategies learned within partnerships/small groups.?? They will also be able to commit to using comprehension strategies and instructional practices that would facilitate the development of great readers and lifelong learners.

Facilitators for the session will be Citronella Scott, Eurika Oliver, Karena Thompson, Liesl Zitman and Darcy Husbands of the Granville T. Woods Elementary School.


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