Barbados will join the rest of the world on Monday, April 23 to celebrate World Book and Copyright Day under the theme: Books and Translation.

And, the Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) will be joining with the rest of the world in celebrating the day and raising the level of awareness.

In her message to mark the WORLD BOOK AND COPYRIGHT DAY significance of the day, Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova said books were the most powerful forms of dialogue between individuals, communities and generations.

However, she noted that the global book market was deeply affected by the rise of e-books and downloadable content. "This is transforming the industry. It is impacting on publishers. It is touching on authors and readers. The implications of this transformation will be deep and long-term," she said.

The Director-General added that the changes in the global book market would also give rise to sharp debate about the strength and weaknesses of the different kinds of products, the nature of copyright, the role of libraries relative to online knowledge and the meaning of authorship in a world of blogs and wikis.

"We must explore these complex debates. UNESCO is taking the lead," she said, adding books embodied the human capacity to conjure up worlds of reality and imagination and to express them.

"We must protect them. We must make their wealth available to the 800 million adults that still do not having reading skills. We must explore all aspects of the changes they are undergoing today. These are pledges around which we gather on this World Book and Copyright Day," Ms. Bokova said.

April 23 was proclaimed as World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO in 1995, and is observed by millions of people in over 100 countries.


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