Ministry of Labour & Social Partnership Relations.

Barbados will join with the rest of the world to celebrate World Day for Safety and Health at Work (SafeDay 2021) on Wednesday, April 28, and promote the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations, in association with its partners, the Small Business Association, the Barbados Workers’ Union and the Barbados Employers’ Confederation, will host a webinar entitled Revamping Our Safety Practices to Enable Business Continuity, on Thursday, April 29. 

All are invited to sign up for the webinar and celebrate the day, which has as its theme Anticipate, prepare and respond to crises – Invest now in Resilient Occupational Health and Safety Systems. Set by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the theme acknowledges the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic on the world of work. 

The pandemic has led to governments, employers, workers and the general population facing unprecedented challenges in relation to the virus and its many effects on the world of work.

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2021 will, therefore, focus on strategies to strengthen national occupational safety and health systems to build resilience in the future.

For additional information on the webinar and to register, interested persons should click here. And, for further information on SafeDay 2021, individuals should visit the ILOs website.

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