Barbados will join the rest of the world in observing World Metrology Day this Wednesday, May 20.

Under the theme Measurement in Commerce, it marks the anniversary of the signing of the Metre Convention, in France, on May 20, 1875, by 17 countries.???? The day is intended to highlight the importance of using accurate measurements in every sphere of human activity.

In providing some background details, Director of Commerce, Terry Bascombe, said Metrology is the science of measurement broken down into three main areas ??? Scientific or Fundamental Metrology; Applied or Industrial Metrology and Legal Metrology.

He explained that Scientific Metrology involved the establishment of measurement units, measuring systems and the development of new measurement techniques.

In the area of Applied Metrology, Mr. Bascombe explained that the Barbados National Standards Institution was responsible for the calibration and quality control of measurement instruments used in the manufacturing sector and other productive processes.

Noting that the activities of Legal Metrology were ???rooted??? in legislation, he said its purpose was to ensure that the quality and preservation of measurements in?? trade, health and safety in the environment were maintained.

Mr. Bascombe explained that the outdated Weights and Measures Act will be replaced by modern Legal Metrology regulations. ???Legal Metrology is the more contemporary version of the whole concept of Weights and Measures.?? Even though the Weights and Measures Act only dealt with Industrial Metrology, the Legal Metrology requirement will cover areas such as the environment, health and safety, and trade.??

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