Barbados will join the rest of the world in observing World Standards Day (WSD) on Sunday, October 14.

Under the theme Less waste, better results – Standards increase efficiency, the day is intended to recognise the efforts of thousands of standards experts worldwide, in their quest to develop voluntary international standards that will facilitate trade, share knowledge and disseminate technological advances.

The Barbados National Standards Institution’s (BNSI) Chief Technical Officer, Fabian Scott, explained the BNSI’s role in this year’s activities by saying: "Barbados normally celebrates WSD every year with activities. This year the BNSI will be having an outreach at some locations informing the general public and consumers about various aspects of the work the BNSI does to keep them safe and improve their quality of life, such as guidance on correct labelling, testing of construction materials to ensure safe buildings, publication of important standards such as the Barbados National Building Code, assisting manufacturers in their exports and much more."

World Standards Day was first celebrated in 1970 – more than two decades after delegates from 25 countries had gathered in London for a meeting where it was decided that an international organisation that would focus on facilitating standardisation should be formed.

The BNSI and the CARICOM Regional Organisation for Standards and Quality are responsible for the coordination and development of standards. Both agencies are actively involved in ensuring that developers adhere to the correct building standards.


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