The winners of WorldSkills Barbados have been advised by one of the competition???s sponsors to remain committed to their goals and to eliminate negativity from their lives.

Branch Manager of Guardian Life of the Caribbean, Amado Marcano, shared this message with the youngsters today, during the prize-giving ceremony held by the company at its Collymore Rock, St. Michael headquarters.

Mr. Marcano emphasised the significance of envisioning oneself achieving one???s goals, noting that vision helped to create the passion needed to achieve.

???A person without passion is worthless. Some people live their lives to live, while some people live their lives to die. You have to see your vision, keep repeating it in your mind and see yourself doing what you really want to do every time you close your eyes, because you are co-creating a new reality with God,??? he outlined.

The manager stressed that commitment was a vital part of success. ???To be able to commit to the space you occupy is important. Mohammed Ali said that service is the price that you pay for the space that you occupy, and he was a champion,??? he added, insisting the winners emulate Ali???s popular mantra: ???float like a butterfly; sting like a bee???.

Moreover, he told the youngsters to eliminate negative ???self-thought or talk??? and replace such words with positive thoughts.?????During this elimination get rid of all the blame games??? never blame or make excuses. It is better to say absolutely nothing,??? he said, suggesting they also refrain from surrounding themselves with negative people.

He wished the winners the best in their future endeavours, adding that young people in Barbados had a lot of potential.??

Senior Technical Officer and WorldSkills Coordinator, Paul Puckerin, thanked Guardian Life of the Caribbean for supporting the competition and revealed that the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Council would formalise a strategic alliance with the company for the strengthening of the biennial competition.

Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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