Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley (FP)????

"I don’t believe that there is a crisis among our young people. There are challenges and we should see these challenges as opportunities."

This was the view of Youth Minister, Stephen Lashley, as he delivered remarks today at the opening ceremony of the Barbados Workers’ Union Youth Arm (BWUYA) Annual Youth Congress, at Solidarity House, St. Michael.

While suggesting that the BWUYA was testimony of "young people still being involved in industrious activity which is contributing to the strategic development of Barbados," Mr. Lashley lamented that unfortunately, some young people were not playing a positive role in society.??

"As young people of the union, you are uniquely positioned to influence change in the organisation by bringing fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a creative outlook to operations.?? Youth are a dynamic force in this nation, with potential to propel individual organisations forward to meet the challenges of survival in this global system…

"We do have young people in Barbados who continue to make excuses for their current situation and I want to invite them to remove that dependency from their minds and to take advantage of the many opportunities that are available to them.?? Very soon I expect to launch an initiative where we will be going out to young people, particularly

those who feel disenchanted, those who are on the proverbial block, and those who have opted out.?? We are going to reach out to them," Minister Lashley said.

He called on young people to play a role in this country’s future.?? Mr. Lashley emphasised:?? "What I say to those young people who lime on the blocks, is that it is time to get up and be a part of the development of Barbados.?? This notion that somebody owes them a lunch or a meal is one that does not have a place, particularly where there are opportunities available… So, while we will help young people, the important point is that young people have to also start helping themselves."

The one-day youth congress had as its theme "From Worker to Leader: A Transformation of the Mind" and examined several topics including youth and unionisation and role models and behaviour.????

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