Young persons with a passion for environmental causes will get an opportunity to put pen to paper and express their views on protecting and preserving the environment, by participating in this year’s National Letter Writing competition.

Under the theme: "Imagine you are a tree living in a forest.?? Write a letter to someone to explain why it is important to protect forests," the winning letter will be entered in the 40th International Letter Writing competition for young people.

The objective of the competition is to develop young people’s skills in composition, assist them in expressing their thoughts clearly, fostering their enjoyment of letter writing, as well as to help strengthen the bonds of international friendship, one of the basic missions of the Universal Postal Union.

Entries should be no more than 800 words and must be accompanied by the following information on a separate page: Name, date of birth, address, the school’s name, address and contact number and the number of words in the letter.

Letters should be submitted to the Marketing Department of the General Post Office on or before Friday, February 11 by 4:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, Barbadian Crystal Hippolyte has been awarded third prize in the 39th (last year’s) International Letter Writing Competition.

It is the first time that Barbados has placed in the contest.????

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