Barbadian youth have been reminded that communication is the catalyst for change in all societies.

The advice came from the Minister of Youth, Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, while addressing the annual congress of the Youth Arm of the Barbados Workers??? Union today at Solidarity House.?? She observed that ???communication empowers, energizes and enables people to get along,??? stressing that there would be no progress without dialogue.

Dr. Byer Suckoo said that allowing young people to participate in community and national affairs, as well as connecting with others with different experiences, would greatly assist them in leading and in their future development. ???The experience of open dialogue encourages you to ask questions, take in diverse perspectives and articulate your views. In the process, you will develop skills, acquire confidence and become more resilient to life???s challenges,??? she explained.

The Minister expressed pleasure that young people had various fora where they could speak out and urged the media to not only carry excerpts from the speeches of prominent persons addressing such functions, but also to let the public hear the ideas of the youth. She opined that the media houses should have a youth correspondent and camera crew dedicated to spending the day at such sessions.??

She told the gathering that young people wanted a chance to be heard, to participate and to be taken more seriously, and she suggested they should be afforded this since they represented the future. ???You have an important contribution to make, and by enabling you to participate today we are strengthening democracy and shaping future leaders,??? she stated.

Dr. Byer Suckoo proffered the view that young people were entering the world with fresh perspectives and new wisdom. According to her, they were also adapting quickly to changes and adopting innovative solutions to vexing problems that often plagued adults.

Acknowledging that the world was in a period of social and economic upheaval, she pointed out that some of the tasks of those in authority were to strengthen youth movements and develop new partnerships between youth and systems of global decision-making, in an effort to appreciate new ideas and build systems for international problem-solving.


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