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Barbados’ CARICOM Youth Ambassadors (CYA), Tirshatha Jeffrey and Chad Monerville, are inviting Barbadians, and especially young people, to participate in a 10k challenge over the next 10 days.

The CYA10K For CARICOM Day challenge begins tomorrow, Tuesday, June 25, and culminates on Thursday, July 4, CARICOM Day.

Ms. Jeffrey explained that the health campaign was linked to this year’s theme for CARICOM Day – Race to wealth, unleashing the potential of healthy living! 

She noted that the challenge was designed to encourage young people to complete at least one kilometre of physical activity per day and to post the photos and videos of themselves and their friends exercising in fun ways.

Persons are asked to use the hashtag #10kForCARICOMDay and the snapshots and videos will be featured on the social media pages of the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors.

CYA10K For CARICOM Day is a forerunner to the upcoming Heads of Government conference in St. Lucia.

For more details persons may contact Tirshatha Jeffrey at tirshatha.jeffrey@gmail.com, or chad.monerville@gmail.com.


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