The youth of Barbados are in need of guidance.

This was the conclusion drawn by Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley, who spoke to members of the media after giving the feature address at the opening of the Barbados Workers??? Union???s Youth Congress at Solidarity House.

Referring to the recent surge in reports of violence and other questionable activities among young people, Mr. Lashley proposed that as a nation, ???we must return to the tried and tested values that we all grew up with???.

He added that parents needed to take full responsibility for their children and not expect schools to do so.?????We have to have a national discussion and national consensus on where we want the country to go,??? he added.

He noted that young people???s social media presence will not only be seen by their peers at school but, due to the reach of the internet, will present an image of Barbados to the world.

To curb the negative behaviours currently being seen, the Minister proposed that more young people get involved with ???productive activities???, and he suggested that parents impose curfews and limit the number of parties and fetes their children attend.

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