Youth and community groups from around the island will join forces on Saturday, November 10, and Sunday, November 11, in a show of national pride, as they take part in the Youth Independence Clean up, organised by the Division of Family and Youth.

The cleanup will span 65 locations and runs from 6:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. each day.

Public Relations/Liaison Officer in the Division of Family and Youth, Wanda Reid-Beckles, said it was the "youth community" who identified the locations. She explained that the mix of groups involved in the initiative, would be sports clubs, church groups and national organisations including the Girl Guides Association and the Barbados Boy Scouts Association. However, she pointed out that persons did not have to be part of a structured group to participate.

"It can be a group of friends or a group of neighbours… Remember, we are looking at litter and some light debushing, so once you have your tools, we will assist with some basic things like gloves and garbage bags," Mrs. Reid-Beckles, explained.

"This is persons taking pride within their surroundings and within their areas. It is our Independence time; it is our time to celebrate and the young people wanted to show pride and industry in their country. This [clean up] was identified by the organisations and many others joined in and said, yes, we want to be a part of this because we believe this is our country and we want to show how proud we are of it," she added.

The Division is partnering with the Ministry of Transport and Works, the National Conservation Commission and the Sanitation Service Authority to make the initiative a success.

The locations earmarked for the clean up have been divided into zones. They include: Central Zone: Eden Lodge Pasture, Bay Primary Pasture; Bay Gardens, Browne’s Beach, Gully Field; Frank Worrell House, Bank Hall, Jemmotts Lane & Martindale’s Road, all in St. Michael.

Eastern Zone: Newbury Centre & Playing Field, St. George; Bath, St. John; Skeete’s Bay, St. Philip; Three Houses Park, St. Philip; Coach Hill, St. John; and Ellerton, St. George.

Southern Zone: St. Patrick’s, Sargeant’s Village, Oistins Bus Terminal to Library/Miami Beach Car Park; Oistins, Miami Beach & Enterprise, Maxwell Hill, Wotton, all in Christ Church.

Northern Zone: Indian Ground, St. Peter; St. Bernard’s Primary School, St. Joseph; Diamond Corner, St. Peter; River Bay, St. Lucy; Bathsheba, St. Andrew/St. Joseph; Folkestone, St. James; Dunscombe, St. Thomas; and Haynesville, St. James.

For additional information on the cleanup, persons are advised to contact the Division of Family and Youth at 621-2725 or 621-2713.


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