The world needs young, smart, compassionate, brave people, who are ready to contribute and lead the world through the various crises that countries may encounter.

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley issued this challenge to the world’s youth while delivering remarks at the Eighth Virtual Vatican Youth Symposium recently, which was held under the theme Global Youth Movements Leading Change for the Good and Present and Future Generations.

She articulated the view that within “each and every one of you, young people, listening to me right now, resides all of the capacity that is needed to safeguard humanity’s future”.

 Ms. Mottley contended: “There is no other force in this world that can compare to the innate ability of young people to deconstruct injustices and to rebuild the bonds that holds us together through the most beautiful of creative expressions….  You, …the world’s young people, have the ability and the courage to create hope in the most hopeless of circumstances.”

The Prime Minister continued: “You have the conviction of collaboration and the gift to take the broken fragments left by the status quo and to reconstruct the collective vision of an improved and sustainable future for all.”  

Ms. Mottley encouraged her audience to build on the lessons from the past and emphasised that this was the future all young people deserved. 

The Prime Minister added that Barbados and by extension her Government, would continue to do its part in the fight to safeguard the future, and she inspired the youth to “dare to dream big”.

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