Minister of Youth, Stephen Lashley, has called for responsible public discourse on the sexual conduct and sexuality of this island’s youth.

Furthermore, he has appealed to the media to adopt a code of practice which would govern how they cover stories such as that which appeared on the back page of the October 26 edition of the Saturday Sun.

The Youth Minister expressed horror, not only at the reported incident, but at the graphic way in which it was publicised by the Nation Newspaper. “The Nation could have spared its readers and our children of tender age in particular, from being exposed to the photo carried and the sordid details,” he lamented.

“Having said that, we have to face this issue and address it in a comprehensive way,” he asserted, adding that the incident must be met with a swift response.

“Those persons who were involved in any aspect of this gross act of indecency – those who participated, those who filmed it and those who broadcasted it on social media platforms, must now experience the grave consequences of their acts, Mr. Lashley stated.

Affirming that he has always been full of praise for the island’s youth, the Minister stated that he still believes most young people are engaging in the right types of behaviour. He, however, noted that ???deviant acts by those youth who clearly need guidance must be tackled head on by a coalition of parents, the school and the relevant authorities???.

The Youth Minister said that a number of mechanisms designed to assist young people with the critical issues they faced, were built into the National Youth Policy, and he pointed out that his Ministry would soon update the country on its implementation.

Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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