Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley.??

The local, regional and international sports industries offer Barbadian youth numerous exciting and rewarding opportunities for a future career in sports.

This was the message conveyed to students of the St. Stephen’s Primary School by Minister of Youth, Family and Sports, Stephen Lashley, today, as he addressed their inaugural Sports Awards Ceremony at the school’s Free Hill location.

He outlined that sports careers could be classified into the competitive or administrative areas and included not only athletes and referees, but coaches, nutritionists, sports attorneys and sportscasters, among other professions.

"From your tender ages I am suggesting that among your options of careers perhaps could be a career in sports.?? Engagement in sports from a young age is also critical to developing your mind and teaching you the self-discipline necessary for success.?? A career in sports involves excitement, passion, intense practice and dedication and to top it off, the celebrations of winning a game or a championship – all of this, and at the very end being paid a salary," Minister Lashley told the students.

He urged them to eat nutritious foods, to participate in a variety of physical activities and to stay clear of illegal substances.?? Mr. Lashley added: "As Minister with responsibility for Sports I have recently asked the local Anti-doping body to step up its public education drive to sensitise children, in particular, about the dangers that illegal substances pose to healthy participation in competitive sports."

The Sports Minister called on the students to emulate such local, regional and international stars such as Ryan Brathwaite, Brian Lara, Usain Bolt, Serena Williams and Lionel Messi and recommended that they also focus on their school work, practice teamwork and rely on their teachers, parents and coaches to guide them in making wise choices.

Students were rewarded during the ceremony for outstanding performances in a number of sports including football, netball, hockey, cricket, athletics and road tennis.?? The best all round sports students were adjudged as Rivaldo Leacock and Kyana Alexander-Ifill.??


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