Young persons interested in the opportunities available in the cultural industries sector have been urged to familiarise themselves with the legislation governing the sector.

Culture Minister, Stephen Lashley, gave this advice this morning, while addressing the launch of the National Cultural Foundation???s (NCF) Youth Achieving Results (YAR) 2016 programme, at the 3 W???s Oval, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

The Minister said when he spoke to young people about how they could get involved in the cultural industries sector, sometimes the impression was given that they were not clear on what it entailed.

Stressing that in order to understand the sector persons must review the legislation, the Minister encouraged the YAR participants to go online and get familiar with the Cultural Industries Development Act.

???I say that because unless you understand the principles underpinning that legislation, you would not as rapidly ??? get your footing in that particular niche area of the cultural industries sector that could really make a difference for you,??? he contended.??Mr. Lashley pointed to Rihanna as an example of the kind of economic growth Barbados could get out of the cultural industries sector.

???Many years ago, I don???t think that many people imagined that we could create an artiste such as Rihanna who would now be more popular than Michael Jackson, for example, and certainly earning perhaps the highest level of income when we compare some of the big names in entertainment across the world. And, I believe there are many Barbadians who are still not fully on board in terms of where this sector can go,??? he remarked.

The Minister also cited the group Cover Drive, which was touring across the United States and making a significant impact on young people. ???These are all young entrepreneurs who are making an indelible print on the world stage. They are demonstrating that through discipline, and through proper connections, that they are committed to staying the course. They have all demonstrated that it can happen???,??? he said.

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