Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley??

Government has a "zero tolerance" to any kind of corruption, whether in sports or otherwise.

That is the clear view of Minister of Sports, Stephen Lashley, who, while not commenting on the FIFA saga, said the high principles enshrined within the Olympic charter should be adhered to by all, whether international bodies or otherwise, since they had all signed on to high standards.

Mr. Lashley told the media at a briefing today: "I would expect that those principles be followed and that the principles of natural justice are adhered to where allegations are made of improper conduct…"

He maintained that persons must be given a fair hearing. "This is in relation to any issue, whether it is in the now live issue of football. I would expect that the principles of natural justice be followed and that persons allow the process to take its logical and legal course before they come to any conclusion," he stressed.

Minister Lashley was adamant that a man is innocent until proven guilty.


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