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I had an adverse reaction to the vaccine, what should I do?

Please fill out the “Adverse Reaction Reporting Form” found by clicking here. 

Also, please see https://gisbarbados.gov.bb/blog/drug-service-survey-on-vaccine-side-effects/ for more information.

I have more COVID-19 related questions, where can I get them answers?

Please send all your COVID-19 questions or queries to the COVID-19 Hotline at covid19hotline@barbados.gov.bb


I want to work overseas, where do I apply?

For more information, please call the Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service (BECCS) at 535-1535.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Character, reports of accidents, crime or fire from the Royal Barbados Police Force?

Certificate of Character

  • Application forms can be acquired at the Certificate of Character Office, Sugar Cane Mall, Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael.
  • A copy of the applicant’s fingerprints must be submitted with the filled out application form. The fingerprints must be taken by police and their official stamp must be affixed.
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s passport must be submitted;
  • The fee for the certificate is twenty ($20) dollars Barbados currency. Postal and Money Orders are accepted for the equivalent of the required fee. If the applicant is desirous of having the certificate returned to their overseas address, the requisite cost of the postal charges must be sought out and included with the fee for the certificate.
  • It is requested that the applicant provide contact information with the application form, such as telephone number(s) and email.
  • The Certificate and a duplicate will be sent to the applicant. If another certificate is required, the fee of $20 is required.
  • The Certificate of Character is valid for six (6) months.
  • You can apply for a Police Certificates of Character online by visiting the website  https://forms.gov.bb/certificateofcharacter​                                    You may also contact the Police Certificate of Character Office via the hotline numbers at 430-7677 and 228-0131, for assistance.​

    Police Reports for Fire, Crime and Accidents

  • Application Forms can be acquired at Police Headquarters on Lower Roebuck Street, Bridgetown
  • Letters can be submitted, however, detailed information MUST be provided
  • It is requested that the applicant provide contact information with the application form, such as telephone number(s) and email.
  • Applicants will be notified when the report has been completed.
  • A payment of fifty ($50) dollars Barbados Currency is the fee due on completion of report. Postal and Money Orders are accepted for the equivalent of the required fee. If the applicant is desirous of having the report returned to their overseas address, the requisite cost of the postal charges must be sought out and included with the fee for the report.

All correspondence must be addressed as follows:

Royal Barbados Police Force
Police Headquarters
Lower Roebuck Street,
Barbados, W.I

Where can I find information on the Government of Barbados, Ministerial Portfolios as well as Parliament?

Details on the Governor General, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice and the Cabinet of Barbados may be obtained on the BGIS

website by selecting the menu heading ‘Government’. There visitors will find ministerial portfolios as well as biographies.

Parliament’s website www.barbadosparliament.com also has details on the House of Assembly, the Speaker of the House, the

offices of the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, Members of Parliament and Ministerial Portfolios as well as the

Senate, its President and Members. In addition, details are also available of various Bills and Resolutions before the Lower and

Upper House.

I am interested in getting married in Barbados, what are the requirements?

Click “Getting Married in Barbados” for all the information and to set up a marriage licence appointment. Click “Marriage Licence

Fees”  for the full list of all fees for getting married in Barbados.

Where may I find information on the heads of departments, permanent secretaries and their contact information?

The ‘Downloads’ section of the BGIS website has contact information for the heads of departments and permanent secretaries etc.

To reach this page, persons should go to the menu heading ‘Resources’ and click on ‘Downloads’. On this page, click on the section

‘Government Contact Lists’ and the relevant documents will be listed. Click on the appropriate file to download to your computer.

Where would I find information on birth, marriage and death certificates?

Persons who require information on birth, marriage or death certificates may do so by contacting the Registrar, Registration

Department, Supreme Court Complex, Whitepark Road, St. Michael. Their contact number is 1-246-535-9700 or they may be

reached at email address registrarsupremecourt@barbados.gov.bb. Further information may be obtained by visiting the

website www.barbadoslawcourts.gov.bb.

Where can I find information on scholarships?

Information on scholarships is available at the Tertiary Section of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation at

the Elsie Payne Complex, Constitution Road, St. Michael. Their number is 535-0863. Persons may also visit the Ministry of

Education’s website at mes.gov.bb. The Student Revolving Loan section is also located at the Elsie Payne Complex. Scholarship

information is also listed in the BGIS programme ‘Opportunity Calls‘.

How do I apply for a post in the public sector?

To apply for a post in the public sector, persons may collect and fill out the requisite form in person or apply online from the Ministry of the Public Service, E. Humphrey Walcott Building, Cnr. Culloden Road & Collymore Rock, St. Michael.

Persons registering at the MPS for employment should be at least sixteen (16) years and must produce the following: documentary evidence of qualification (originals only); curriculum vitae; and documentary evidence of nationality, (e.g. National Registration Card, Passport).

To view and apply for available positions online, please go to Applying for Vacancies.

Further details may be obtained by contacting the department at 535-4500 and visiting the website of the Ministry of the Public Service.

If you have any further questions, go to their Contact Us page and submit your question or concern. 


How do I make an appointment for a Barbados passport?

Appointments for a Barbados passport are now completed online at www.immigration.gov.bb. On the site, persons can select an

available date and time for their appointment. Applicants must provide their Surname, First Name, National Registration number,

Email Address, and Telephone Number. The appropriate passport forms must also be downloaded, filled out and brought to the

department for processing. Further details on the passport application requirements may be obtained by visiting the Immigration

Department’s website.

Where can I find information on travel documents, residency status, student visas, and work permits?

The Immigration Department’s website www.immigration.gov.bb has a list of Frequently Asked Questions and information on

many of its services. Information is available for Barbadians who wish to travel abroad as well as requirements for: Barbadian

Citizenship; Permanent Resident Status; Immigrant Status; Work Permits/Training attachments; Renunciation; Student Visas;

Extensions of Stay; Issuing Barbados passports and other travel documents; CARICOM free movement and Entry Visa (non-

nationals). The department may also be contacted at these numbers or via this link.

Where can I find information about embassies and consulates in Barbados as well as Barbados’ missions abroad?

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade www.foreign.gov.bb has a very detailed list of the diplomatic

missions accredited to Barbados as well as the island’s missions abroad. Information on the Barbados Network Programme,

formerly known as the Facilitation Unit for Returning Nationals (FURN), is also available here. Visitors may also find information

on visa requirements to enter Barbados while locals can receive advice on travelling abroad.

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