As June 1 signals the start of Heritage Month, the Barbados Government Information Service (BGIS) has chosen a different way to promote awareness of heritage in Barbados.

He is Hutchinson the Heritage Guy, conceptualised by Assistant Information Officer, Jamal Weekes. During the month, Hutchinson will draw attention to several aspects of Barbadian heritage, including the island???s cuisine and architecture.

???Hutchinson was created to present heritage in a more visually- appealing way. We wanted a character who was slightly comical, yet one that would be looked to for important information about heritage,??? Mr. Weekes explained.

The Assistant Information Officer, a member of the BGIS??? Social Media Team, noted that part of the reason for using the character of Hutchinson was that it would be easier for individuals to relate to a central character ???who would be so identifiable that he could connect everything he was associated with to heritage???.

He continued: ???In creating the campaign, we wanted a character that would not only be visually-appealing, but would also attract a younger generation that is not as interested in text-heavy information.???

Hutchinson, decked out in blue, yellow and black, will appear on the BGIS??? website, as well as across its various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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