Staff of the Ministry of Labour performing a dramatic presentation on the concepts of GIVE for students of??Alma Parris Memorial.??

Students of the Alma Parris Memorial Secondary School have been given some sound advice to help them prepare for the world of work.

It came in the form of a dramatic presentation from staff of the Ministry of Labour, who were promoting that department’s programme GIVE.

An acronym for Great Attitudes, Initiative, Values and Excellence, it focuses on several areas of professional conduct including attitude, attendance, honesty, integrity, deportment, communication and customer service.

The 15-minute, interactive presentation shows the diverging paths two young girls take as they advance from school to work. It illustrates the consequences of not adopting the appropriate attitudes in school which could ultimately affect performance in the workplace.

The schools’ initiative, which commenced in 2007 as a pilot project, seeks to instill in students five important principles called "The P Vitamins"- punctuality, protection of property, pleasant personality, perfect attendance and positive attitude.

NIFCA Award Winner and Dramatic Coordinator, Jennifer Walker, urged the students to be ambassadors for their peers and schools and take those positive life skills into the workplace.

"You must show your potential and worth. You, the students, are the leaders of tomorrow and you must start to cultivate those good qualities now," Ms. Walker stressed.

She extolled the virtues of becoming a good pupil and revealed that the Ministry of Labour would present one student from each school with "a special award" if they exhibited the qualities of the GIVE programme.

GIVE has reached some 20 primary and secondary schools over the past three years, and, so far this year, St. John’s Primary, Parkinson Memorial, Springer Memorial and Coleridge and Parry have been visited.

Other schools to be visited are St. Paul’s Primary on Thursday, October 08; Lester Vaughan Secondary on Monday, October 12; Gordon Greenidge Primary on Tuesday, October 13; The Foundation School on Monday, October 26 and Grantley Prescod Primary on Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

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