From left to right: Artists Aram??s Carrera Rock, Alejandro Greenidge Clarke,?? Charge d??? Affaires of the Embassy of Barbados in Havana, Donna Forde and Artist Michael Rollock, at the exhibition.

Descendants of Barbadian migrants to Cuba recently got the opportunity to showcase their art when the Embassy of Barbados in Havana, staged a four-day art exhibition under the theme, Convergence.

Barbados’ Charg?? d’ Affaires in Havana, Donna Forde, noted: "This exhibition not only provided the artists with the opportunity to showcase their work but it also facilitated the pursuit of a shared vision between Barbados and Cuba to increase people-to-people contact."

Artist Alejandro Greenidge Clarke and his work ???Metamorphosis?????

Alejandro Greenidge Clarke entered two oil and ink paintings entitled Forging a Nation and Metamorphosis.?? For approximately 20 years, he was the artistic director of the department of graphic design at a publishing company of the Central Policy Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

Art instructor and cultural promoter in the fields of dance, theatre and visual arts, Aram??s Carrera Rock, opted to display his mixed media pieces 1st August in Barauga and Brown Girl with Flying Fish.


Artist Michael Rollock with his work ???Prophecy"

While Michael Rollock, who has over 30-years’ experience in three-dimensional artwork, showcased an intricate wood technology piece called Prophecy, and an oil canvas painting named, Oggun.

The artists are also members of the Cuban Craftsmen Artists’ Association.

Barbadians migrated to work on Cuba’s sugar plantations in the first half of the 20th Century.?? Many of them came directly from Panama where they had previously worked on the construction of the Panama Canal.??

Barbados and Cuba established diplomatic relations in 1972. The Embassy of Barbados at Havana was officially opened September 16, 2010.??


Author: Shamkoe Pil??

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