Prime Minister Freundel Stuart says Government is continuing to diversify the Barbados economy so as to ensure that the country is not dependent on any one sector.

He made the comments last night to a group of tourists attending the Repeat Visitors Reception at Ilaro Court. Government officials present included Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy; and Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo.

Mr. Stuart said the tourism industry led the economy, and the Ministry of Tourism was interested in developing increased traffic from different destinations, including Norway.

However, he noted that Government was also hard at work trying to put in place mechanisms for the use of renewable energy sources. In addition, he stated, the cultural industries were being developed so the talents of Barbadians could be put ???to proper, effective and profitable use???.

According to him, Barbados had given the world a top, international recording artiste in Rihanna. However, he stressed that there were many other talented persons here who were awaiting similar opportunities.

He said the Cultural Industries Development Act had been passed, the Cultural Industries Development Authority had been established, and the Ministries of Tourism and Culture would be working closely to develop the synergies that could result from that collaborative relationship.

Mr. Stuart told his audience that Government was continuing to work towards making Barbados one of the safest, happiest and most peaceful places on this planet.

???And I think we have done quite well up to now in trying to achieve that objective. But we could not have been as successful as we have been, particularly over the past 50 years as an independent nation, had it not been for people like yourselves, who let slip no opportunity to demonstrate your faith and your confidence in Barbados,??? he stated.

He noted that Barbados was celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year and said the country was justified in taking that bold decision. He pointed out that the bonds of friendship between Barbados and other sovereign independent nations across the world had deepened over that period.

During the night, students from Bay Primary School serenaded the tourists with a number of songs, including one written specially for the island???s 50th Anniversary of Independence.

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