Barbados is willing to ???use its good offices??? says Prime Minister Freundel Stuart to assist in quelling what he described as ???the restlessness on the streets of Venezuela???.

Mr. Stuart made the comments yesterday at the Inter-American Press Association???s mid-year meeting at Hilton Barbados while responding to a question from a journalist on the current situation in Venezuela.

He told the gathering: ???I think it is desirable that countries are allowed to settle down so that the pursuit of developmental goals can be undertaken and I don???t think that the restlessness on the streets of Venezuela is for anybody???s comfort and I would certainly like to see an end brought to that.

???I can assure you this, if there is anything that Barbados could do to end that situation and to help the country to settle down so that the elected Government of Venezuela can get on with its work, Barbados will use its good offices in that regard.???

Describing the relationship between both countries as ???quite normal???, the Prime Minister disclosed that he would meet with Venezuela???s Ambassador to Barbados this week to discuss matters of mutual interest.

He added that he receives assessments from Barbados??? Ambassador to Venezuela, who is based there.

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