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A number of traffic changes will be in effect tomorrow, Friday, August 18, as CARIFESTA XIII officially opens with a parade passing through Bridgetown.

Between 2:30 and 5:30 p.m., the following parade route will be closed to vehicular traffic: Queen’s Park at the Nelson Gate, St. Michael Row, Trafalgar Street, Broad Street, Cowell Street, Lower St. George Street, Cheapside, and Fontabelle to the driveway of Hanschell Inniss. The parade will enter Kensington Oval via the south gate.

During this period, no person shall park or allow a vehicle to remain stationary along the parade route or along the emergency or alternate routes, except for the purpose of picking up or setting down passengers.

The emergency route includes President Kennedy Drive, Fontabelle, Cheapside, Broad Street, Bridge Street, Fairchild Street, River Road, and Martindales Road.

The alternate route includes President Kennedy Drive, Westbury Road, Passage Road, Country Road, Roebuck Street, Halls Road, and Martindales Road.

Additionally, motorists wishing to travel on to Constitution Road from Halls Road, Belmont Road and Martindales Road will be diverted at the Mencea Cox Roundabout, while motorists wishing to travel on to Broad Street from Tudor Street will be diverted on to Mahogany Lane.

Persons seeking to travel on to Broad Street from Mahogany Lane will be diverted towards Baxters Road, and they will not be allowed to enter Broad Street from McGregor Street.

Motorists wishing to enter Cheapside and Fontabelle from Lakes Folly and Redman Drive will not be allowed to turn left or right.

Members of the public are urged to follow the directions of the personnel on duty.


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