Advisor,Hamilton Lashley (far right), Patrick Forde (far left) and General Manager, Edward Al-Becker (centre) at today’s presentation ceremony.

Advisor to the Government on Poverty Eradication and the Millennium Development Goals, Hamilton Lashley, today received a cheque from Chickmont Foods Limited, for $65,000 to rebuild the house for double amputee, Patrick Forde.

It took place at Chickmont’s Office, Balls Plantation, Christ Church.

Mr. Lashey told those in attendance that the donation “symbolises the strategic alliance of government and the private sector to create opportunities, while including all members of our society, particularly those persons with disabilities”.

He noted too that “differently-abled persons” should be treated “as equal as those who were not challenged”.

“It is critical that governments across the region recognise the importance of fully integrating persons with disabilities into the workforce; and maybe, we will have to change some of the criteria for persons with disabilities entering the civil service and the wider workforce.

My office is extremely happy with the support that we have been getting from the private sector, but what makes this presentation different this morning is that it is the first one that we are doing for a special person in Barbados who had a disability”.

General Manager, Edward Al-Becker, said: “Chickmont is very supportive to this drive the government in undertaking. The cause is a very good one and it gives me much pleasure to be able to assist a worthy cause.”

Patrick Forde, who was present at the presentation ceremony, thanked those who made it possible.  He noted: “It is good to know that there are still persons in Barbados who look out not only for persons with disabilities, but for the needy and the poor. I really appreciate the gesture from Chickmont which will help me to get back on my feet.”

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