The Community Development Department will soon be starting three new community based programmes. These are the Community Art Programme, Computer Repairs and Networking and the ITS For Teens Summer Programme.

The Community Art Programme will run from Monday, June 4 to Friday, November 30, at the Resource Centres at Deacons, St. Michael; Speightstown, St. Peter; St. Christopher, Christ Church; Haggatt Hall, St. Michael and Grazettes, St.

Michael. Drawing and Illustration; Computer Graphics; and Air Brushing will be the focus of the programme.

Meanwhile, Monday, June 11 to Friday, October 12, will be the period during which persons can learn about Computer Repairs and Networking. The programme which will be offered at the Deacons, Haggatt Hall, Speightstown and St Christopher’s Resource Centres, will teach participants how to build, troubleshoot ad repair computers, and set up networks.

The ITS For Teens Summer Programme which caters to persons from 14 to 18 years old, will start on Monday, July 16 and culminate on Friday, August 24. It will cover Computer Graphics and Web Page Design, among other modules. The programme will be staged at the resource centres at Speightstown; Deacons; Grazettes; St Christopher; Bonnetts, St. Michael; Briar Hall, Christ Church; Weston, St. James; Rices, St. Philip; and Greens, St. George.

For further information on the Computer Repairs Programme, the Community Art Programme, or ITS For Teens, persons may contact the Community Development Department at 310-1700, or the nearest resource centre.

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