The deadline for applications for booth space at Sci-techXpo 2016 is now Friday, January 29.

Sci-TechXpo 2016, an initiative of the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST), will be hosted from March 10 to 12, at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre, Two Mile Hill, St. Michael.

However, individuals, schools and organisations interested in submitting exhibits/projects for the event must first apply for booth spaces which are limited.??The theme for the expo is Celebrating Science and Technology??? Creating Quality Solutions for Sustainable Living.

Exhibits/projects will be accepted for display in eight categories. The first four are: Medicine & Health ??? the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease and the state of being well in body or mind; Marine ??? of, found in or produced by the sea; the Environment – the surroundings especially as it relates to the conditions of life or growth; and Agriculture – cultivation of the soil and plant and animal husbandry.

The other four areas are: Engineering ??? application of science to the design, building and use of machines and development of products or processes; Information Technology ??? the study and production or use of processes (especially computers, microelectronics, or telecommunications) for storing retrieving and sending information; Energy ??? capacity for activity, force or vigour; the capacity of matter or radiation to do work and Bio Chemical Processes ??? chemistry of living organisms.

For further information on the science expo, individuals, schools and organisations may call the NCST at 427-5270, or send a fax to 228-5765. They may also email the Council at:

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