A better understanding of labour legislation and employment best practices could lead to enhanced labour-management co-operation, reduced work-related problems and could save organisations money.????

This assertion was given by Labour Officer, Yvette Walcott-Dennis, as she outlined the benefits employers could derive from attending an upcoming seminar to be hosted by the Labour Department.

Themed ???Labour Legislation and Industrial Relations Best Practice’, the seminar is scheduled for Thursday, October 27.

The Labour Officer explained that the half-day seminar was part of her department’s outreach programme to develop greater efficiency in the workplace and help employers gain a better understanding of employment best practices and labour legislation.??

Ms. Walcott-Dennis stated that some of the legislation to be examined included the Protection of Wages Act; Holiday with Pay Act; Employment of Women (Maternity) Act; and the Shops Act.

Stressing that the Shops Act was the most comprehensive piece of legislation, the Labour Officer noted that reviewing this document was critical for employers.

She explained that while the Shops Act specifically addressed shop assistants, the terms and conditions in the Act were followed by most categories of workers.?? She highlighted the 40-hour work week, lunch hour; seating arrangements and overtime pay as examples.

Ms Walcott-Dennis said the seminar was expected to attract approximately 40 employers, representing a cross-section of organisations from both the formal and informal business sectors.??


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