Visitors and locals alike are in for an added treat this winter season as Harrison’s Cave, one of the island’s premier attractions, is scheduled to re-open for business complete with spanking new features and bonus attractions.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing Director of Caves of Barbados Limited, Joe-Ann Grant, with assurances from its contractors, the Re-development Project at Harrison’s Cave was on schedule and should be completed during???? the 2009/2010 winter season, which runs from December through April.

Noting that the work being undertaken at the Cave would undoubtedly improve its reputation as the premier tourist attraction in Barbados, and one of the unique wonders of the world, Ms. Grant said: "We are satisfied with the progress of the ongoing work at this time. The project is progressing smoothly and we look forward to re-opening and welcoming our guests to the new facilities."

The CEO cited a new restaurant & bar; a new souvenir shop; a new?? meeting room in the Visitors’ Reception Centre on the cliff top site;?? new parking facilities on the cliff top;?? three new?? glass front elevators offering?? a spectacular view and two tourism trails from the cliff?? top site?? to the Valley Floor, as among the highlights.

She also explained that the Valley Floor would also feature a refreshment bar, vending kiosks for a variety of local art and crafts, and an adjacent scenic walk which is part of the gully system.

"New signs will be installed throughout the property, along with a new battery- powered tram fleet with provisions for the physically challenged (on request)," Ms. Grant added.

Stressing that environmental awareness had been central to the planning process, she said that as a result, the facility would be equipped with increased photovoltaic technology, which would allow it to meet a significant portion of its electricity needs.

It will also feature waste water treatment facilities, a water tank for the collection of rain water for use in plant irrigation and for bathrooms, composting facilities, a shade house for plants and a newly installed internal cave lighting system.

"We believe that the improved Harrison’s Cave will provide added benefits for our valued partners at its re-opening. With new tour offerings coming on stream in the

near future, we will be offering a greatly enhanced Harrison’s Cave Experience and increased activities to engage our patrons,"?? Ms. Grant noted.

Management of the Caves of Barbados has expressed its gratitude for the understanding and patience of its stakeholders and the numerous patrons who might have been inconvenienced during the temporary closure of Harrison’s Cave and "looks forward to their continued support on its re-opening."

The Corporate office of Caves Of Barbados Limited remains open during this period and enquires can be directed to Mrs. Brenda Edwards at 438-8654 or by email to:

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