Health Minister Donville Inniss????

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will be adopting a zero tolerance approach to misconduct within the island’s health care institutions.

Word of this has come from Health Minister Donville Inniss, following last week’s incident at the Warrens Polyclinic, where a doctor was physically assaulted by a member of the public.

Speaking following a staff meeting and tour of the institution, Mr. Inniss stated that the Health Ministry was working assiduously to address security concerns at the polyclinic.

"The issue of security is most definitely on the front burner. The safety of not only the doctors, but the entire staff must be ensured….we at the MOH will be engaging the full attention of all the relevant stakeholders to address this problem," he stressed.

Pointing out that it was "unfair for staff at the polyclinic to feel under siege while at work", Minister Inniss made a call for all persons using the island’s health care facilities to be on their best behavior.

"I am urging all Barbadians and those who use our institutions to show the greatest level of respect for all members of staff. This does not only apply to Warrens Polyclinic but to all the island’s health care facilities," he underlined.

Extending best wishes to the injured doctor on behalf of the Ministry, Mr. Inniss assured all partners that the MOH was fully "on their side" and committed to a speedy resolution to the issues facing them.

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