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On 24th August, 2021 the Honourable the House of Assembly committed the following Bill: National Vending Bill, 2021, to a Joint Select Committee of the two Houses of Parliament comprising eight  members of the Honourable the House of Assembly and six members of the Honourable the Senate and has approved the following terms of reference for the committee.

Terms of Reference are as follows:

To inquire into and determine whether the Bill as drafted fulfils the expressed objects of the promotion, regulation, and decriminalization of vending in Barbados.

To examine and determine whether the Bill as drafted will upon effective implementation fulfil the expressed objects of improving the environment for vending thus contributing to the development of an ethos of transparency, compliance, accountability and development of the sector.

To consider whether the Bill as drafted offers an effective enforcement procedure to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Bill.

To make recommended changes, if deemed necessary, to the Bill as drafted for further consideration by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

The House of Assembly has appointed the following members to the Joint Select Committee:

  • Hon. Kerrie D. Symmonds, M.P.
  • Hon. G. P. Ian Gooding-Edghill, M.P.
  • Hon. Adrian R. Forde, M.P.
  • Hon. Indar Weir, M.P.
  • Hon. Kirk D. M. Humphrey, M.P.
  • Mr. Trevor A. Prescod, J.P., M.P.
  • Ms. Toni N. S. Moore, M.P.
  • Bishop Joseph J. S. Atherley, J.P., M.P.
  • Senator the Hon. Ms. Lisa R. Cummins
  • Senator Dr. Lynette P. Holder
  • Senator Damien R. Sands
  • Senator Caswell A. Franklyn, J.P.
  • Senator Julian A. Hunte
  •  Senator Miss Alphea M. Wiggins, J.P.

The Committee is expected to commence its work on Monday 4th October, 2021 at 10:00 am at the Parliament of Barbados, Worthing Corporate Centre, Christ Church.

The Bill will be available online for comment on the Barbados Parliament’s website.

In keeping with parliamentary practice, the committee through this press release invites and encourages the public whether as individuals, professional organizations, community based groups, official and unofficial bodies with special interest and generally anyone who may assist with its work to submit memoranda or other documents setting out their views and comments on the issues.

The Committee also encourages those persons who may tender written submissions to indicate whether they would also want to appear in person before the Committee to give oral presentations.

The Committee also invites persons who want only to make an oral presentation to indicate such desire and interest to the Committee.

The Committee may also invite persons or summon witnesses under the law to attend its meetings to give evidence to help towards formulating a well informed and balanced report on the captioned subject matter.   

The Committee’s paramount mission will be to conduct a thorough analysis within its mandate to determine whether the provisions of the Bill as they currently stand would achieve their stated objectives.

Persons should submit their views, memoranda to the Clerk of Parliament, Parliament of Barbados, Worthing Corporate Centre, Worthing, Christ Church.

Those persons who want to appear before the Committee to make oral presentations should indicate their interest in so doing to the Clerk of Parliament at the above address.

Written communication also includes email. Mailed responses should be addressed to the Clerk of Parliament, Parliament of Barbados, Worthing Corporate Centre, Christ Church.

E-mail should be sent to

It should be noted that written submissions should reach the Clerk of Parliament no later than Friday 8th October, 2021.

The proceedings of the Select Committee will take place at the Parliament of Barbados and will be conducted in public. 
The proceedings will be streamed live on the Barbados Parliament’s website, on social media and broadcast on CBC TV whenever possible.
Notice of the dates when the Select Committee will sit will be posted via the Barbados Parliament website.

Reports by the Committee will be laid in both Houses of Parliament.

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