???Good work is being done but more has to be done???we have to redouble our efforts as leaders of education.???

This declaration came earlier today from Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Ronald Jones, at the Official Release of the May/June 2015 Examinations Results, at the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Headquarters.

Mr. Jones stated that although the results proved promising, there was still a need for educators to continue in their efforts to teach students.

???We need to get more students doing our exams in the region???the system is leaking too many of our children; that leaking will cause a flood of further despair,??? the Minister lamented.

Referencing the overall results, the Education Minister said that he looked with some ???satisfaction on some areas of success???. However, he also expressed great concern with some subject areas, and listed the seeming lack of interest in Social Studies and Caribbean History, and the apparent decline in interest in subjects such as Human and Social Biology.

To change the current trends noted, Mr. Jones suggested that both students and teachers must work together and continue to strive for success.??The Minister of Education noted that in the region, the Caribbean Examinations Council had proven to be a worthwhile catalyst for the improvement of the region???s educational standards. ???CXC is on the cutting edge. It is one of the outstanding examination bodies in the world,??? he boasted.

Overall, the May/June 2015 results revealed that Barbados excelled in 29 of the 56 units of examination.??


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