Effective midnight Sunday, November 17, there will be an increase in the retail price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

The price of the 100 lb cylinder will be adjusted from Bds $184.87 per to Bds $192.40; from Bds $51.32 for the 25 lb cylinder to Bds $53.20; from Bds $45.32 per 22 lb cylinder to Bds $46.98 and the price of the 20 lb cylinder will move from Bds $41.20 to Bds $42.71.

This amounts to increases of $7.53 per 100 lb cylinder, $1.88 for the 25 lb cylinder, $1.66 per 22 lb cylinder and $1.51 for the 20 lb cylinder.

Meanwhile, there will be decreases in the retail price of gasoline, diesel and kerosene which have been adjusted from Bds $3.24 per litre to Bds $3.11 per litre; Bds $2.85 per litre to Bds $2.79 per litre, and Bds $1.88 per litre to $1.82 per litre.

This adjustment represents a saving of Bds 13 cents per litre for the price of gas, and six cents per litre reduction for both diesel and kerosene respectively.


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