Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman (right) admires one of the lampshades manufactured by Quality Lamps. Also pictured is Quality Lamp’s Manager, Kenny Renee. (A. Miller/BGIS)

The proposed showroom for local manufacturers was once again the topic of discussion when Minister of Industry, Denis Kellman, visited a number of businesses yesterday.

Alluding to the location for such a development, the Minister said: "We have some good ideas as to where it could be but that has to be discussed with the [Barbados Investment and Development Corporation] Board. We would also have to enter discussions with the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and all the other agencies, especially the Tourism industry. We already have the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association on board."

Minister Kellman was, at the time, speaking to the media during a tour of Quality Lamps which is managed by Kenny Renee and family. The Industry Minister pointed out that the business, which is located at Grantley Adams Industrial Estate, could benefit from the development of a showroom, since many people were currently not aware of its location.

"We have a lot of lampshades [here] and, clearly, this is not the right location for them because the capacity in this project is so great that we need to find a larger area. We need to also find a central area where the majority of Barbadians would be able to come and access these things," Mr. Kellman stated.

The Minister highlighted a number of businesses which were presently operating from the BIDC-owned estates but were selling foreign products. He stressed that these would not be allowed in the proposed showroom.

"We will not be giving prime location to a person who is not producing local goods and [who] is accommodating the foreign market to compete against the local market. This market is for local producers," Mr. Kellman stressed,


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