The much anticipated inaugural forum that will bring together several stakeholders from the Church, Government, the Social Partnership and Civil Society, to address a number of current societal problems, will be held on Monday, November 27, at Hilton Barbados.

Theme of the one-day National Consultation, is Barbados at 40: A Proud Past, A World-Class Future” How do we get there?

The main objectives of the exercise are to identify the core societal problems presently existing in Barbados and to determine and recommend responses to address them. Furthermore, it will devise a framework involving faith groups, the state and civil society that would facilitate an appropriate working context for future attention of these issues. It will also seek to ascertain the core values for Barbados that would garner the support of all Barbadians.

During the meeting, there will be eight major presentations by leaders in their particular spheres of activity. Some of the topics to be addressed are: Barbadian Society: Past and Present (Historical Perspective’, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); Barbadian Society: The National Strategic Vision – An Added Perspective; Framework for Collaboration: How Religions, State and Civil Society Can Collaborate; Identity in Diversity: Race, Class and Ethnicity; A National Youth Service for Barbados; and, Popular Media Culture: Its Impact and Implications.

There will also be a number of group discussions on pertinent topics, like: Crime and Violence; Family and Community; Economic Justice and the Barbadian Work Ethic; Economic Enfranchisement; Drugs; Education for Life – The Holistic Approach; Building a Gender Sensitive Value System; Poverty Alleviation and the Millennium Development Goals; and, Building a Social Democracy: Reinforcing a Culture of Tolerance.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur will deliver the opening remarks at the consultation and there will be presentations by prominent professionals.

It is expected that other consultations emanating from the theme will be held in the future.

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