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Vendors licensed by the National Conservation Commission (NCC) are reminded that they should renew their licences, which are due for renewal on Tuesday, June 30.

NCC’s Special Projects Officer, Ricardo Marshall, said that failure to renew licences contravenes Section 16 of the National Conservation Commission Act CAP. 393.  

The Act states that any person who desires to operate a business of selling goods or services in a public park, in a public garden or on a beach shall first obtain from the Commission a licence for the purpose; failing to do so will be seen as a lack of interest in continuing to operate.

Persons renewing licences are required to submit a recent Police Certificate of Character, which is an important requirement of the renewal process. A Police Certificate of Character, as of March this year, may now be applied and paid for online at https://forms.gov.bb/certificateofcharacter.

For further information on the renewal of vendors’ licences, persons should call the National Conservation Commission at 536-0600.


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