Barbados has a new director of International Business.?? He is Mr. Kaeron Venner.

Mr. Venner was appointed to the post at the Ministry of International Business and International Transport in September 2011.

He has worked in the International Business Unit from its inception in 1992. He was appointed as Deputy Director of International Business in 2005 with direct responsibility for the Division’s regulatory and supervisory functions in relation to licencing activities.

The new director has been widely involved in the international business sector over the years, developing policy in relation to supervision and regulation, product development and treaty expansion as well as marketing and promotion of the sector.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, a diploma in Public Administration and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies. Mr. Venner also holds a certificate from Jesus College, in Oxford, UK for participation in the Postgraduate Offshore Investment Symposium, along with certificates for participation in Tax Treaty Interpretation and Application courses at the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation in Holland.

The new director has described Barbados’ international business sector as one with great potential and stressed that proper servicing of the industry was critical to its continuing competitiveness and success.

"You are delivering service to entities that are mobile and seeking to be globally competitive. You, therefore, need to ensure that things are done in an efficient, effective and timely manner," he said. The new Director said he wanted to see all stakeholders, both government and private sector strive towards achieving that goal and portraying Barbados as a leading international business and financial services centre in this hemisphere.

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