Prime Minister Freundel Stuart believes that the outcome of the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21) must be ambitious, legally binding and ensure global participation.

Mr. Stuart, who is also Chair of CARICOM, expressed this view yesterday in a Statement to the Leaders Event in Paris.

According to him, the conference must take into consideration the special circumstances and needs of those countries that are most vulnerable – Small Island Developing States (SIDS), and Least Developed and Landlocked States – and deliver agreed decisions on a number of elements.

He pointed out that Barbados??? Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC) commits the country to doing its part as a SIDS, while also trying to make the required adjustments to cope with current and future climate challenges.

???But I am concerned that the collective mitigation actions defined in the INDCs submitted thus far are not enough to realise the 1.5o Celsius global goal that is the aspiration of Small Island Developing States. This shortcoming challenges us to take a sober look at our current predicament and, in the coming days, to find the path to success for the planet Earth and for all of its peoples,??? he contended.

The Prime Minister reiterated that there must be an explicit objective of limiting the global average temperature increase to below 1.5?? Celsius above pre-industrial levels in the long term, supported by aggregate mitigation commitments that represent a feasible pathway to achieving that goal.

He added that there must also be enhanced provisions for supporting the adaptation needs of vulnerable developing countries, including the setting up of adequate, predictable, new and additional finance, technology and capacity building support, and strengthening of institutional arrangements.

Mr. Stuart stressed that there must be ???commitment by developed country Parties to take the lead in scaling-up the provision of adequate, predictable, new and additional financial resources, and opportunities for other parties willing to do so, to also contribute to scaling up climate finance???.

He expressed the view that there must also be an explicit provision that Parties fulfill and continuously enhance their mitigation commitments over time; five-year mitigation commitment cycles with robust ex ante and ex post review and upward adjustment processes be introduced; and provisions for measuring, reporting and verification of performance on commitments be put in place.

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